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serving, growing, connecting together

- for the glory of God!

Church Membership

Every month, WCC offers a membership class that we call The Discover Class. This class gives you a chance to learn more about the history, vision, values and beliefs of WCC. You'll also learn a little bit more about how God has uniquely created you to make an impact for Him. This is a great way to meet other people who may be new to WCC. Each one of our staff members shares a little bit about their unique call to serve at WCC as well. 

Church members share their faith story with our elder board along with the reasons that they want to be a member of Woodbury Community Church. Membership classes normally take place on the last Sunday of the month. 

Church membership isn't like belonging to a country club, where we join for what we can get. Being a church membership is about giving of ourselves so that the Body of Christ might be built up. Because we take the Bible seriously, membership is the pathway to volunteer roles that involve the discipleship others. Anyone is welcome to attend our worship services, participate in congregational meetings, etc., but only members are allowed to vote at congregational meetings.

All are welcome at Woodbury Community Church. We aren't a church full of people who used to be like you, tolerate people like you, or trying to fix people like you. We are people chasing after a better way of living that we believe we have found in Jesus Christ. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us, and our desire is to make much of Jesus. 

Questions about being a Member?

If you have questions about membership give the church office a call at (651) 739-1427(651) 739-1427, or e-mail

All members are asked to fill out the Ministry Connection Survey. You can fill out the form below: