Welcome to Woodbury Community Church

Searching for a new church can be an intimidating experience. We hope you'll find WCC a place where you feel welcomed. We aren't people who used to be like you, tolerate people like you, or fix people like you. We are people just like you. We are journeying together, chasing after a better way to live. We believe that Jesus, our God, is the greatest gift that we have ever received!

Let's start with the basics...

Dress - You might wonder before ever showing up, is there a dress code or can I just wear my jeans and t-shirt? Wear what you like. God doesn't care whether you're formal or casual; after all, he looks at the heart. So come as you are comfortable. But come.

Time - You decide to check us out, awesome! But when should you arrive? Our worship service begins at 10:15am. Most of our people arrive just a few minutes before the service begins.

A fully trained and staffed nursery, with volunteers who have passed comprehensive background checks is available for our Worship Service.

Atmosphere - So now you arrive, what happens at WCC? You'll find a welcoming community where God is honored and His Word is taught in a relevant way. When you come in the front door you will notice people chatting with a beverage in their hands. It's okay to bring your drink into the service with you. You'll notice that people seem to linger after the service. Our comfortable lobby includes a library, chairs and table where you can sit and talk about life with new and old friends.

Moving on to our services...

Services - So what does WCC teach about? We believe that the Bible is God's inspired, infallible and inerrant Word. It is our authority for life and guides the way that we live in this world. Our pastor seeks to teach God's Word in a responsible and relevant way. Sometimes he preaches long series through a book, or a large section of Scripture. Sometimes he preaches a topical series, focusing on a theme that can be carried through several weeks or months. You will be challenged, encouraged, motivated, and convicted as the Bible is taught at Woodbury Community Church. 

Bible - Speaking of the Bible, is it helpful to bring my own? Yes, it is helpful, however we also have Bibles available for free in our lobby. Our facility also has free wi-fi access so that you can follow along with the speaker's notes on your tablet device or phone. We use the Bible App, which you can download for free on any device by clicking here.

And then there is the music...

Does WCC play hymns or new more contemporary music? You'll hear a little bit of everything at Woodbury Community Church. Our worship team includes guitars, keyboards, drums, and occasionally some other instruments will show up. The songs are primarily contemporary, although you will hear a hymn or two most weeks. Sometimes the hymns are sung in a classical way, and other times they are sung in a new and fresh way. 

God has blessed our community with a number of artists and we love to feature their work in the sanctuary and throughout the church building. Occasionally we will host an art exhibit, featuring the work of Woodbury Community Church artists created around a particular theme. 

What about the kids?

Children - Have you ever been to a church and felt like you weren't welcome with your young children? That will never be the case at Woodbury Community Church. We aren't afraid of babies crying or families being distracting to people around them. It was Jesus Himself who challenged the disciples to let the children come to Him. 


We offer quality educational programs for young children and through high school students. We also offer nursery for the little ones.

We love kids, and believe that quality children's programming mixed with worshiping together as a family is a good thing. Take advantage of the great educational opportunities at WCC and then enjoy the worship service together as a family.

Want to Know More?

We've produced a helpful informational brochure that we call our Welcome Brochure. You can download the brochure by clicking this link