Reopening Plan: Step 4

Starting May 23rd

We’re excited to reach Step 4 in our reopening plan! This means that we’re able to gather to worship each Sunday with no restrictions, while also creating space for anyone who may be at a higher risk from Covid to worship in a way that is safe for them. See below for more details.

What to expect

  • Worship begins each Sunday at 10:15 A.M.
  • Masks are optional – If you’re at a higher risk from Covid-19, we encourage you to wear a mask to be safe, but masks are no longer required.
  • Social distancing is optional – To serve everyone at WCC, we're using a hybrid worship setup with part of the space set up in rows, and part of the space set up in smaller, socially distanced groups.
  • Sunday Fellowship – after worship, you're invited to join us for fellowship time with with prepackaged refreshments in the fellowship area or outside.
  • Communion – Starting in June, we’ll begin to do communion in different ways, but we will continue to offer prepackaged communion as well to try to best serve the needs of everyone worshiping with us.
  • Streaming Worship – Of course, streaming worship is part of our new normal. So if you’re still unable to worship in person, if you’re sick, or if you have been exposed to Covid-19, please join us to worship online each week.

What we’re asking of you:

  • Continue loving each other! There have been many different opinions and different ideas of what is best in the pandemic, and you have all done a fantastic job of setting those aside and loving each other. Keep it up!
  • If you're choosing not to wear a mask, remember those who do wear them have good reasons. When you see someone with a mask, please love them by staying socially distanced to keep them safe.
  • If you're sick or if you've been exposed to Covid-19, please worship with us online until it's safe for you to return.
  • Prayerfully consider getting vaccinated if you haven't. We know this is a complicated topic for many. So we encourage you to talk to your doctor and check out resources like this to learn more about the vaccine and to answer questions you may have.
  • Help make worship possible. Some of our volunteers  aren't yet able to worship in person. So we need your help greeting, ushering, and helping run sound or the stream (don’t worry, we’ll train you) to make worship possible.
  • Finally, keep giving to each other. The return to worship is a reason to rejoice. Let’s all reject the divisiveness of the world, for, in Jesus, we are one body, His body