Reopening Plan: Step 3

We're excited to begin public worship again and hope you'll join us soon! But we're also taking many steps to make our worship as safe as possible during the ongoing pandemic. So we want to let you know what you can expect when you come worship, and what we're asking of you to help protect each other.

What to expect:

  • Worship will continue to meet at 10:15 A.M. Please arrive by 10:10.
  • The sanctuary will have a more limited capacity than normal, with chairs setup in groups of 2-4 with each group spaced at least 6 feet apart.
  • Masks will be required while inside the building. We have disposable masks available if you need one. Please know we will ask everyone to wear a mask throughout worship.
  • Greeters will meet you at the door. They will check your temperatures with a touch free thermometer and ask a few simple health questions. They will also keep a list of everyone who attends so we can notify you if someone in worship is diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • An usher will then lead you to a seat.
  • The worship services will continue to be full services with singing optional.
  • We will not pass an offering plate or communion during worship. Instead, we have a drop box for offering and prepackaged communion will be placed on the seats when needed.
  • After worship, usher will release us from worship one group at a time. There will not be fellowship space in the church, but there will be an outdoor fellowship area setup in front of the church so you have the opportunity to reconnect and spend time together in the safest way possible.
  • In addition, hand sanitizer stations will be available outside the sanctuary, the facility will be sanitized each week by a professional cleaning service, and we’re using medical grade filters to keep fresh air flowing into the worship space.

What we’re asking of you:

  • Please RSVP! Help us prepare for worship by letting us know you are coming. Just click on this link to let us know you’ll be here and how many are coming:  
  • Please wear masks. We know that masks can be uncomfortable, but they’re one of the most effective ways to protect each other from this virus. Please love each other by being willing to wear a mask while in the church building.
  • Please stay socially distanced. We also know how much many of us want to give each other a simple hug. But again, please love each other by refraining for now.
  • Please stay home if you have had a fever, symptoms of illness or if you’ve been exposed to Covid 19 in the past 14 days.
  • Help make worship possible. Some of our volunteers in different parts of the service won’t be able to participate for now. So we need your help greeting, ushering, and helping run sound or the stream (don’t worry, we’ll train you) to make worship possible.
  • Please remember that these precautions allow us to have public worship. There have been outbreaks in churches that disregarded these steps. We know these steps may be a sacrifice, but Jesus asks us to do exactly that and sacrifice for the good of others in the church.  
  • Finally, please give grace to those who take a different approach. Each of us has to pray, trust the Lord, and make the decisions he is leading us to. Let us give grace to each other if God leads us to different decisions. After all, the return to worship is a reason to rejoice. Let’s all reject the divisiveness of the world, for, in Jesus, we are one body, His body!

Check out this video preview to learn more!