Safe Families for Children

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. 

-Psalm 82:3

Safe Families

400,000 children languish in foster care across the country. 70 percent are there because of neglect. When crisis strikes at home, many of us turn to our family or church for support. But for too many parents, that safety net isn’t there—and life can spiral out of control. Addiction, domestic abuse, incarceration, illness, unemployment, homelessness; it’s during these crises that kids are at risk as their parents struggle.The government can’t do it alone. But Safe Families for Children has a proven solution to help.

Since 2002, SAFE FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN and its thousands of volunteer families has offered support and hope for families in crisis. SAFE FAMILIES doesn’t take kids from their parents. SAFE FAMILIES gives parents peace of mind that their children are protected and nurtured while they get clean, sober, working and back on their feet. The goal is to strengthen and preserve biological families so that they can better care for their children.

Through private charity, SAFE FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN meets three critical objectives:

Child Welfare Deflection:

  Safe Families protects children from harm by providing families in crisis with a safe, supportive community to turn to before life spirals out of control.

Child Abuse Prevention:

  The support offered by Safe Families volunteers allows families in crisis to get the help they need, preventing child abuse and neglect and reducing the number of children entering the foster care system.

Family Support & Stabilization:

Safe Families is a loving, nonjudgmental safety net parents can rely on for help, advice and support without the fear of losing custody of their children.

Ways to Get Involved: 

Host children.

Babysit for host families.

Help with transportation.

Support host families with prayer, meals, kids clothes, and more.

Mentor moms in crisis. 

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Tammie Haveman

Serving Local Families in Crisis

I don't know about you but I have noticed an exciting movement in churches to reach out to orphans around the globe. Some studies have shown a 15-20% increase in giving to orphan initiatives. This is certainly encouraging and I hope to see this trend continue. What is less clear is how we raise awareness and support for impoverished kids here at home. Many assume government or social services agencies are handling the needs of these kids and therefore there is less of a need. That is not the case.

It is estimated that child welfare hotlines receive over five million calls for help every year with suspicions or risk factors for abuse and neglect. Often it is parents facing crises such as homelessness, medical crisis, job loss, drug addiction, and/or domestic abuse. Only one in five calls qualifies for intervention leaving four million calls without help. The reality is that government agencies cannot step in until abuse or neglect has already occurred.

Safe Families seeks to prevent abuse and neglect and come alongside parents in crisis by placing children in volunteer homes temporarily. This national movement is gaining attention as a preventative measure and support system that works. Through a network of host families including; singles, empty nesters, families with kids, and even families where both parents work, kids are being kept safe and being allowed to stay out of the foster care system.  Meanwhile their parents are given tools and support to restore stability in their lives and ultimately are reunited with their children.

"Safe Families saved my children from being taken from me, and so Safe

Families saved my life." ~ Biological Parent

We as believers are called to support and help the poor. We are also told to show hospitality to strangers. Most of us wouldn't hesitate to show hospitality to strangers if we were actually presented with that opportunity, especially to children.  Who would turn away a child standing on their doorstep hungry, cold, and afraid? No one would. Most of us would take that child in and offer comfort, reassurance, food, shelter, and security temporarily until we could be sure the child had a safe place to go. We would not cite off ministries we were already involved in or rattle off all of our appointments, obligations, and plans. The temporary inconvenience would melt away as we sought to help the child.

However, the reality is that we have little opportunity to interface with the disadvantaged here in America. These children are not sitting on our doorsteps. Even when we know the needs, we often don't have a vehicle by which we can help. It's not always realistic for families to volunteer at centers or homeless shelters. This leaves us with limited options such as financial donations or purchasing a toy for the local toy drive. And while these are wonderful ways to help, the human interaction is lost.

Safe Families gives us the opportunity to live out the call to care for the stranger, the widow, and the orphan in a relational, tangible way. These are our societies social widows and orphans. Loving these kids in our homes with our time and interactions with our families tears down the walls of separation and brings a richness only born of a model encouraged in scripture. Instead of donating a toy, here is a child in your home interacting with you. Instead of donating money for meals, the child shares them with your family.

“I am amazed at the depth and breadth of the impact our Safe Families make. I

am constantly hearing of connections sustained, lives being changed from Safe

Families hosting’s which happened years ago. The pebbles dropped in the pond  continue to spread always increasing circles of compassion. Thanks” ~Dr. Monte Pries

Safe Families Twin Cities is in need of loving host families. We expect a dramatic  increase in referrals as the word spreads to local child service agencies about our existence. It would be so exciting for the body of Christ to step up to meet this need. Child placements can fit around your schedule and can be as short as a weekend or two per year on up. Other ways to serve include occasional childcare for host families, meals, clothing, transportation or supplies. 

I hope and pray you consider joining the Safe Families movement as either a host family or resource friend. Lets use the powerful tool of hospitality to help these kids that they will know us by our love.

Mission Statement

Safe Families for Children™ is a national movement of compassion that gives hope to families in crisis. Safe, loving homes are provided where parents may voluntarily have their children cared for while parents seek to restore stability in their lives. Our dedication to family support, stabilization, and child abuse prevention is driven by responsibility for the well-being of children in our communities. Founded in 2002, Safe Families for Children has partnered with churches, local community agencies, and volunteer families, as well as government organizations in more than a dozen states.The Safe Families for Children network has provided essential extended-family relationships to nearly 1,000 children and families annually. Learn more at